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Miele and Cie. KG is the German manufacturer of elite-class household appliances. The company was established in 1899 as a manufacturer of separators, oil mills and mechanical washing machines (one of old wooden machines is presented in our “Miele – Sony centre” shop, see also pictures below from Miele museum).


In 2000 the company celebrated 100 years since the date when first washing machine was produced. In 1913 Miele even produced cars (see the picture below).


In 1929 Miele manufactured Europe’s first electric dishwasher.

Miele is the unique trade mark of premium class household appliances, presented on five continents of globe and manufacturing at the same time professional equipment of laundry, washing and disinfectant purposes. The manufacturer company selects for its products parts passing 20 years excellent performance test.

It has been a long time that the founders of Miele company - Carl Mile and Reinhard Zinkann are following the "Immer besser” (always better) motto, though in English Miele also uses the slogan “Anything else is a compromise”. From the very beginning Miele aplliances exceeded the products of competitors in terms of quality and for the above reason turned into the most esteemed brand among Germans.

Unitech is an exclusive distributor for the luxury class and most prestigious German brand Miele in Azerbaijan. At the same time we are authorized service centre for Miele products. We are proud that Miele has chosen us.

We're starting online orders!

We're starting online orders!

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New Triflex vacuum cleaners arrived!

New Triflex vacuum cleaners arrived!

New Triflex brushe type vacuum cleaners with the comfortable design have brought together 3 innovations. With 3 levels of suction capability and long battery life you will get the cleanliness you want. Triflex can easily maneuver, easily clean ceilings and furniture bottomswhen engine is mounted on the handle. If the engine is mounted on the bottom of the Triflex, it is suction power increases and hence large areas can be easily cleaned. Ideal for cleaning the dining table or cars from particles when the engine is running separately in short form. Hygienic and long-lasting Hepa - Lifetime filter has a very high dust collection capability and filters 99.98% of all fine particles.
Prices for 2 models of Triflex are 2133 azn and 1784 azn

Miele always thinks of you.
Miele - anything else is a compromise!
New vacuum cleaner from Miele

New vacuum cleaner from Miele

The newly arrived Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort Powerline bagless container vacuum cleaner has some superior featuressuch as efficient cleaning, low noise, extra parquet brush, control from the handle and etc.

The main difference between Miele CX1 vacuum cleaner and other bagless vacuum cleaners is that it collects only large dust particles in the container so that the dust does not pollute air when it is emptied, and small and invisible dusts are collected in the special part of the vacuum cleaner.
You can add water to that part and drain it into the sink.

The price of the product is 1572 azn.
All Miele goods are sold with 3 years warranty.
Miele – anything else is a compromise
Discounted kitchen sets!

Discounted kitchen sets!

Prices for Zanussi branded sets ( made in ─░taly) consisting of the oven and the hob and designed for classic and country style kitchens are now instead of 1785 and 1628 azn - only 1090 and 990 azn respectively ! Take advantage of the super-discount!
Special prices for hoods

Special prices for hoods

Now we started giving even cheaper prices all AEG branded hoods are sold now instead of 40% with 60% discount !!!
Attention: prices shown in the catalogue in our web site are prices without discount.

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